Linux’s Fight Against the Sheep!

Posted: 13 April, 2013 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

What has become very clear to me in discussions about Linux with people in a number of social web sites is there are a core of both Window and Apple users who are so closed minded to a point they will not even consider using anything outside of their respective operating systems.

I would admire their loyalty to their operating systems if their loyalty was not coloured by their own ignorance and the fact that their opinions have been coloured by the corporate propaganda of the big American Software and Hardware Industry itself!

These people believe any operating systems outside of their respective operating systems are difficult to use, does not have software they need and not serious contender to their own operating system all again fed to them by their own operating system manufacturer.

What makes these people even worse if anyone dares to question their choice of operating system their answer is to both ridicule and feed a whole stream of corporate propaganda which proves why their operating system is the best and other operating system is bad.

All the time they sit behind their walls not even really looking at the alternatives even to a point of ignoring Open Source Software because they are told that is bad and substandard too by said same big American Corporations.

Then these people wonder why the more open computer users who are prepared to try alternatives treat them with disrespect or just get plain annoyed at them because of their closed minds and ignorance especially when they try to back up their arguments with usual corporate propaganda!

In the end these people do more damage than good as they start to drive a wedge between the groups of different users that is Apple, Windows and Linux at a time when the computer industry needs to be more open and cooperative to move forward as it is frankly dying on its feet because of both Apple’s and Microsoft’s lack of innovation and ability to light the spark of peoples imagination!

The biggest lie and most damaging lie these Sheep spread is that Linux users as a whole are totally anti Apple or Windows which frankly is not totally true. There are those Linux Sheep who are as closed minded but I believe large majority of Linux community is more concerned with the fact the user has a real choice within the market place.

My personal view the lack of choice within the market place is killing off the computer industry and choice will being back a much needed vitality for technology to move forward again. It has produced a very sterile environment for users who are not going to buy anything as there is nothing new out there.

If these people had actually be watching the computer world currently it really lacks a life and spark for a long time if anything it has been frankly boring. Why do they think the Raspberry PI sold so well, not because it was a Linux Computer, but because there are people out there who want to mess around with computers again something which has been killed off by the nature of the computer market now.

In conclusion these sheep users of any sort are doing more damage than good and it is high time they actually woke up and thought for themselves!

  1. arashium says:

    The problem with linux is that it doesn’t charge its fans, it doesn’t disrespect opinion of people and it relies on people instead of fascist leaders. Most of people don’t like these things.

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