Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXXXIII

Posted: 13 April, 2013 in Journal, Life

After a mixed week at work which was both successful and unsuccessful full of an annoyance of both work colleagues and customers in a store which is a lot busier than everyone expected which has to be good. But in the end I think acquitted myself well unlike others at work who were told off for not working or doing what they should. But as always the people in question will ignore the telling off and promptly go back to their old ways once again due to weak leadership.

But this is not my problem for a week as I have week off and work can burn down for all I care as I am going to have a week relaxing and much needed rest both mentally and physically.

Only blot this week was usual person on a certain social web site who views and opinions annoy me intensely as they represent everything I hate in so much they have a closed mind on certain subjects and think money and status are all important.

Personally I find such attitudes shallow and show a real lack of individualism and character in the people who have such views. After all both status and money are modern man made constructs and deny humanities true nature.

But in the end I will true to myself and fight the good fight being me and an individual against those who can only conform and be shallow!


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