Scrappy-Doo Gets a Makeover!

Posted: 10 April, 2013 in Computer, Crunchbang Linux, Linux, Operating System

It has been a while since I tweaked my Linux Desktops and because I have to sit in front of the Linux Computers because I have to stay in the office in the house because it is only room we can keep warm I thought it was high time I did.

So I have been busy with a few minor changes to the desktop itself and some of the packages running on the Linux Computer itself for packages which suit my needs and likes more. The biggest change being an application menu on the left end of the tint2 panel on top of the menu using a little trick I got from the Crunchbang Forum. I found I needed it because it useful when I have a number of windows open as the normal right hand click menu only works on a free space on the desktop.

As for the Linux Packages on Crunchbang I have replaced the file manager with Nautilus and the Terminator terminal with Gnome Terminal as it allows me to open a terminal in Nautilus. Over the next few weeks I aim to update other packages as I don’t really need to update the base Linux as such as it still does what I need.

What does come out of this just how flexible Linux desktops are as I can mix Gnome and other desktop packages with Openbox and get a working desktop more to my liking. Such flexibility puts another nail in Windows coffin here was Windows never gave me ability to really customise the desktops and base packages to how I actually use the desktop.

So the following is the resulting tweaked desktop which looks slightly different to previous one.

Scrappy-Doo Desktop 10-04-2013


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