Linux is not Devil Incarnate!

Posted: 8 April, 2013 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

I will keep repeating this until people wake up and stop believing the lies spread by those within the computer industry and retailers who claim Linux is difficult to use, unstable and preserve of the hacker and the such.

I repeat these are all lies about modern Linux which in recent years because of the repeated failure of both Microsoft and Apple to produce operating systems which were more user friendly than their earlier versions of their operating systems has developed into one of the more usable operating systems with innovative features.

Strangely we have thank Microsoft’s operating system Vista for the spurt of Linux development in recent years as frankly Vista, like ME, was a very poorly written operating system which was not even welcomed by the computer industry itself. This one catalyst turned Linux from a geeks operating system into a serious operating system which can be used by all user.

Now with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, which has not gone down as well with the users in general especially when they get to use it regularly we will see Linux develop once again in leap and bounds again.

In my everyday talks with customers at work the more and more so called normal users are starting to consider alternative operating systems like Linux more and more as they are starting to cotton onto the fact that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is far from a viable operating system other than on a tablet or smart phone.

All this is now backed up by Linux and it’s distributions which now provide desktops and operating systems which are far more stable, usable and even easier to set up than Microsoft’s Windows 8 whose desktop is far from user friendly any more on computers if anything extremely confusing for normal users.

Add to this the reduction of maintenance and driver problems Linux has over Windows in the end Linux is far better bet for an operating system for a normal user than Microsoft’s Windows 8.

In the end Linux will survive the lies of the computer industry and retailers and if anything as people are getting wiser to the lack of choice and it will come back to bite them as customers get wiser to their lies and people like myself tell them why a lack of choice is bad!


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