A Word of Warning

Posted: 24 March, 2013 in Computer, Free Web Hosting, World Wide Web

This is a bit of warning about a free host called who frankly have been more of a pain than useful over the last year who seam to suspend free hosting web sites at a drop of a hat. For the second time in year they have suspended my account because of over use which is highly surprising as I never get more than 3 to 4 hits a day then only on a good day so in over a year I’ had just got to a 1000 hits’

In the end I have had to give up with as a bad job as my argument what is the point of using a Free Host if you get little more traffic for a short while more than 10 a day they suspend you. I have moved to free web hosts which claim not to restrict both file usage and bandwidth in the hope I do not fall for the same trap again’

Personally after being stung by twice while other free hosts with restricted bandwidth have not done the same to me I would not recommend anybody uses them as I suspect they routinely suspend accounts to give an unsubtle hint you should buy a paid web hosting from them. If this is their tactics of getting people using free web hosting to buy their products they can keep their free hosting as it stinks!

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