The Surface? Yet Another Tablet?

Posted: 17 March, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

Finally the Microsoft’s Surface appeared in the Computer Store I worked in some months after it’s release here in the United Kingdom. It was welcomed by a lot of people who worked there with usual ohs and ahas as all new products arrive in store. But soon became oh yet another tablet for us to sell as it frankly was nothing special in the end.

My personal opinion the appearance of the Microsoft’s Surface in our store is far too late to capture big sales or cause an impact as both Apple and Android tablets who have already got the tablet market nearly sown up already so it is going to take something special to change that. Frankly the Microsoft’s Surface really has not got it to stand out from the crowd after all everyone already seen Windows 8 on computers and not been welcomed with open arms by all users.

In the end Microsoft’s Surface is just going to be yet another tablet in already saturated market with nothing to make it stand out. It would of helped if Microsoft had released the Surface earlier in the United Kingdom especially before Christmas when it might of made inroads into the Tablet market.


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