Depressives, The Outsiders!

Posted: 17 March, 2013 in Comment, depression, Life

Because I live within a society here in the United Kingdom which simply does not talk about mental illness as it is a big taboo even in these so called more enlightened times. All this made worse by a National Health Service which is ill-equipped, poorly funded and most worrying with doctors who simply do not understand Mental illness itself.

This leaves myself and my partner who suffer from forms of depression to fend for ourselves with no to pitiful help for our illness from a National Health Service and a society in general who try to sweep mental illness under the carpet or think it is just an excuse for people to moan or not work.

Yes, the government I trying to do something to make people more aware of Mental Illness but it is falling on a society which simply does not understand it or want to. The British public are so clued up especially about Depression there are those out there who still believe that they can catch Depression or come out with magical lines ‘Pull yourself together!’ or ‘Cheer Up!’.

So with this background it is not surprising people like myself and partner find ourselves without both the medical and financial help we need when the depression is bad and we cannot work because of it.

What is even worse I have live in a position of constantly fighting my depression without the help I need which means in the end my quality of life is coloured by it to a point it can be living hell with only escape being next to useless Health Service who really do nothing for you!

What makes this whole situation worse if I were suffering Cancer or other Physical illness here in United Kingdom I would have all the help, including financial, to live and even work. This sort of says everything about modern British Society who are still afraid of Mental illness.

In the end people like myself and my partner feel like outsiders and scroungers in our own society because we ask for help because of our Depression because we dared to have a mental illness which is robbing us of our lives and humanity!


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