The Magic of Second Life

Posted: 9 March, 2013 in Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

Even a lot of current residents of Second Life miss the simple magic of the place in so much people have a chance to show their true selves and express themselves in a way they cannot do in their real lives. All helped by the totally customisable Avatar and the ability to build everything including new bodies.

A lot of residents of Second Life spend time creating unique and memorable Avatars not to hide behind but to stamp a mark on Second Life itself, make a statement and/or express their own personality there. But sadly there are those residents who cannot be bothered to do anything about their Avatar or fall for fashion trends there and sadly they also largely miss the true magic of Second Life.

Then add on top of this the magic of a place where people can socialise, exchange ideas and build in an environment where where they are more on their actions and what they say rather than the way they look or the illness they have. Second Life gives these people a chance to have real social life something our predigest modern lives still denies them.

Finally the magic of Second Life brings people together within a virtual environment where they create new friendships and living communities once again something our modern world discourages by it’s very nature.


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