Real Lack of Choice Given!

Posted: 9 March, 2013 in Comment, Computer

What has become very apparent to me this week in the retail side of computer industry especially on the high street is the real lack of choice they give the customer especially in hardware section which consists of desktops/laptops either running Windows 8 or Apple OS or tablet either running Android or Apple IOS.

I suspect it has always been this way and especially in these hard times the retailers are not going to look elsewhere or take any risks even if it is slowly dawning on them that by not giving their customers more of a choice they are damaging their future customer base in so much they miss so many opportunities including gamers and serious computer users within business sector.

This has been further highlighted by the advent of Microsoft Windows 8 which frankly has not been the success everyone has expected as it uptake they users has been even less successful than Microsoft Vista not helped by the fact that it has not had good reviews elsewhere especially within the business sector.

All not helped by the fact that once users start using Microsoft Windows 8 in anger they are finding numerous problems with it and it is not as friendly as the previous Microsoft Operating systems. Some customers are actually asking the retailers if they sell computers running older Microsoft operating systems or even going elsewhere, especially on-line, to buy computers not running Microsoft Windows 8!

Personally it is high time that Computer retailers started to reflect what is happening elsewhere within the Computer Industry, for example Dell and HP, and actually give the customers a real choice of operating systems which should include Linux even in the form of Ubuntu rather than what they are doing now putting their all their eggs in one basket in the hope Microsoft and Apple are going to pull something spectacular out of the hat as it has become very apparent they simply are not going to do so. This is because both companies lack that real spark to inspire people into buying new hardware or software.

There are those who say choice in computer retail is a dangerous thing as it will confuse the user but these people fail to see the bigger picture as by not giving the customer a real choice in operating system and the such they are crippling and reducing their own market. At some point by not giving people this choice the retail companies will find themselves out in the cold and out of business wondering why it happened.

Plus it makes perfect business sense of including Linux machines in their stock as they could increase their margins on already struggling computer sales and sell even cheaper computers in a background of the economic hardship. Plus it will have the bonus it will generate more revenue on their service side as Linux machines need a little more set up than Windows machines. Then add to this a reduced loss of time and revenue of their service desk dealing with constant problems caused by the instability of Windows Operating system as likes of Linux, much like Apple OS, are so more stable. This would release the service side to deal with real problems rather than problems generated by poorly written software.

The biggest plus would be the retailers would find they would appeal to a greater range of customers including those more serious computer users and they might even find it would put back a zip in the computer retail industry which frankly not there at present.

But as always voices like myself will be ignored by the big retail companies and beyond especially over Linux as people like myself do not live in the real world as far as they are concerned and they believe what they have been told Linux is too difficult to use and simply will not sell. This is ironic as the large majority of goods the said retailers sell already use Linux as an operating system especially tablets.

In conclusion by not giving the customer a real choice the computer retailers are sowing the seeds of their own downfall!


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