Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXXIV

Posted: 9 March, 2013 in Journal, Life

An usual week as work was quiet and even uneventful with a nice trip to another store’s audit which nice break from the normal routine. Add to this a week when I managed to get some things actually done which currently is no mean fiat with my mood where it is at the moment.

But, there is always a but, it looks like I am fighting my demon in the background as I am constantly tired and lethargic to a point I don’t want to do anything other than sleep and stay at home. I have a lot to do like getting a new car but I cannot focus on the task at hand.

It has got to the point I think my life is pointless and going no where with no hope of escape at the moment. This is no a pleasant feeling but one I have before so I have survived it but it always ends up with me being very jaded again about life in general.

It has not all been bad this week as I have managed to do some more work on my personal web site and I can currently waiting for inspiration to new parts to my web site.

Ah, well another week of feeling sorry for myself for absolutely for no reason!


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