Technological Apathy Rules!

Posted: 2 March, 2013 in Comment, Computer

It has been over 30 years since computers appeared with the hope of a new world full of wonders but it never came to pass as 30 years later the computer is still this mysterious thing to a lot of users which might me useful even in business.

Yes, there are some interesting things going on within the computer world but it is against a backdrop of an apathy from both the public and business alike. All this has done in the end is dampen the passion for new technology not helped by large corporations who put profit before innovation.

We now live in a new technological age which frankly has not taken off as we were first told of when the computers first came out but is a parody of what it could have been. We can almost see and touch this technological future which still seams far away even now.

All this not helped by growth of the big massive Computer Corporations who have lost their way and innovation for the god of profit in doing so have killed the very innovation and hope we all had for a bright and glorious future some 30 years ago. Now how hard they try to sell their products as the next new thing which change our lives for the better people are now hardened to it because of their business practices in the past.

Then add to this over the years a general apathy from both governments and business which has meant they have again and again failed to understand or even embrace the new technologies. This even with the notable exceptions from both governments and businesses which have embraced technology to find it actually meant they were more effective and actually helped them make more profit.

So now we live in a world still poised on the edge of a computer revolution even after 30 years where people in general totally fail to understand the tool that sits on their lap or desk and it’s power to change their lives socially, creativity and even how they do business or earn their living!


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