Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXXIII

Posted: 2 March, 2013 in Journal, Life

Another week survived at work though at the moment it is boring the tears at the moment mostly because of the politics at work. Also does not help I do not trust the motives of certain members of the management team at work which is not above blatant bullying and other underhand methods. Sadly this is making the job doubly stressful at the moment and made more ironic as it is retail so note exactly a high powered or frankly important job in this modern world of ours.

This week has also bee stressful because my old car has come to the end of it’s life at a point when money is worrying me greatly because again of work and other companies who insist on paying me the minimum and putting up their prices when their profits sort!

This sadly is something I cannot control but at least I am not alone with is problem here in United Kingdom as lot of people are in the same position. Plus I suspect like a lot of people in the same position here are frustrated by a Government which singularly fails to do nothing to rectify this problems and if anything help the companies in question to pay their employees less and charge customers more!

But that is getting off the point the car was retired gracefully this week and she will be empty out and sold for scrap. So over this month I will have the fun of buying a new cheap car which will give me something positive to think about this month.

Outside of work I am getting busy again working on my personal web site and role-playing in the form of campaign creation both of which are firing up my creative side and giving me a real positive thing in my life.


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