Code is it’s Own Artwork

Posted: 2 March, 2013 in Comment, Computer

I’ve been writing computer code on and off for over 15 years and it still amazes me that simple words put in a specific order can produce some amazing effects on the computer or just make life simpler by doing more mundane and repetitive tasks for you.

But I seam to be one of the few people who see this even within the computer industry itself who see coding as a chore not what it actually is an act of creation in itself. On top of which a myth has also grown up around computer coding can only been done by a small group of people who are called geeks.

But to be frank this is far from the truth as anyone who has a basic intelligence and imagination can write computer code as the basic concept behind writing computer code is very simple though some of the tasks it needs to do can be complex.

My personal view our education system currently fails to give it’s pupils the base tools to effectively use computers at a cost both to the pupil themselves and society in general. It has escaped both governments and educations just how important a basic knowledge of computer coding is in everyday life as it turns a user into effective and productive user of computers even if the computer coding is the creation of macros to do simple tasks.

After all now computers are starting to touch our lives more, be it slowly, both at home and place of employment a knowledge of just basic knowledge of using a computer is not going to be enough in the future for someone to be effective in their job or in life.

I know the title of this blog entry is a bit misleading about it’s content but it’s sort of a way to get people’s attention plus in it’s own way it is true. In so much writing a piece of computer code in itself is a creative process much like an artist creating a work of art except the programmers canvass is the computer screen and his paint brush the code itself.


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