Banging the Second Life Drum!

Posted: 2 March, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

I’m banging the drum again for Second Life because it is long overdue and someone has to. All this because once again at work when talking to two World of Warcraft Players who once again thought of Second Life as a game not what it has become a Social Web site which frankly more effective at bringing people together and building communities than the major social web sites for example Facebook.

This is a common misconception from those people who have never been into Second Life which is really not helped by Linden Labs who still promote the game side of Second Life rather than the social side as they should. What does not help the situation is having a CEO who is ex-EA Games head who frankly like a lot in Linden Labs have failed to wake up to this single fact yet!

I am still of the opinion that likes of Second Life are the future of social web sites in so much as virtual technology improves it will be more natural for people to interact on line via Avatar in a virtual world than in just plain text and pictures. Because likes of Second Life are far more immediate and more natural to people who are more designed to interacting with things in the shape of people rather than just plain text and pictures.

So to wake people up to this fact I will continue to bang the drums for Second Life until people wake up from their love of the now dying social web sites of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter who frankly long past their sell by date and usefulness as social web sites!

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