Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXXII

Posted: 23 February, 2013 in Journal, Life

What has become very clear this week is my depression is working it’s poison into my life again as I’m both more creative but I am getting very forgetful and overly sensitive to remarks made by people which in hindsight were innocently remarks not done maliciously. I keep forgetting that depression is a sneaky illness which can creep upon you in so many different ways especially when you have put your guard down and allowed it back into your life. But at least now I know it is happening so I can do something about it.

Currently I am being that rare thing creative again and as per usual to keep my interest going and to get around the points when I have creative blocks I have started a number of things at once which now include my personal web page rewrite to make the HTML and CSS behind make it more simple. What has come out of the rewriting of the personal web site is how much I have learnt over the previous year in general.

Contrary to what some people think at work it seams I am not past it especially in brain department as I think I have proved that I can still learn and retain new skills even at my age. I am still of the opinion some people I work which labour under the misconception that I am not that intelligent if anything a fool and idiot which rather than upsetting me makes my think I am really working in the wrong environment and with wrong sort of people. I also find their attitude little ironic as they themselves are not exactly academic juggernauts or really have an interest or knowledge of what they sell, computers and associated items.

Well life at the moment has gone quiet again but I think this year is not going to be quiet for me especially when the help people are giving in the background starts to pay a dividend later this year. If anything I am excited about this year as so much is going to go on both in my life and beyond.


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