The Irony of Growing Old in the Modern Age

Posted: 9 February, 2013 in Comment, Life

Now you would think as a go towards my twilight years both my mind and ways would get more set in stone as old age grabs hold of my mind or at least as I have been lead to believe by society in general around me.

I’m not saying that I do not have some routine in my life and do so both to make doing something easier and quicker or not think about doing something. That is something we all do whatever age we are so perfectly natural.

But what I see around me does not fit this normal pattern of people as they are growing old getting more set in their ways and mind if anything I see more of a flexibility and the acceptance of new things in older people than the young.

When I talk to people around my age and older they are far more prepared to accept new ideas and technology even that technology which is outside of the so called mainstream. Also they are more prepared to actually listen to new ideas and people ho are voicing the new ideas.

This is more highlighted by people some decade younger than me who show more of a sheep mentality and a unwillingness to try ideas outside of what we would call the norm. It shows itself in the music they listen too, their dress even the technology they use which is always very narrow and predictable. All this now is even more narrow spectrum of fashion and music styles than when I grew up.

It looks from where I am our modern world over the past decades has knocked out the diversity of thought in the young who are happier to conform and almost scared to be different which personally I find so sad.

But it now has created modern irony of growing old in the modern world in so much the older now do what they young should do that is embrace new things more readily regardless if they are mainstream or not!


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