MySpace has Gone Same Way as Facebook!

Posted: 9 February, 2013 in Computer, MySpace, World Wide Web

Today MySpace went the same way as Facebook in so much I deleted my account with no intention of going back there but for slightly different reasons. Basically MySpace new format and contents basically do not appeal to me especially the choice of music which only includes mainstream current and new bands, e,g, too commercial.

But what it does show much like Facebook the major social web sites really not do not do what they claim to do which is be social web sites but have become places for businesses to peddle their wares including music all at the expense of the social side. They have lost focus on what they should be focusing on their users who make their social web sites work something they certainly not doing at present.

I suspect that there are a growing number of people like myself who are getting very disenchanted by the major social networks like Facebook and MySpace to a point they really do not give us anything we need any more. Then like myself they are leaving these social networks looking elsewhere which is missing on the major social networks.

My personal opinion is if both Facebook and MySpace do not do something about their social networks and leave them as they are both will be doomed to collapse or fading into the background in relative obscurity. The process has already started with MySpace and only a matter of time before it starts to happen with Facebook.


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