Facebook is Gone Without a Regret!

Posted: 9 February, 2013 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

Last week I finally let Facebook this time without one regret or even a tinge of sadness at the potential loss of some friends there but finally Facebook really got on my nerves because of what it has become a place for the trivial, shallow and finally a place which people to use spread unfounded fear, hate and even racism. All this in form of status, pages and so called interesting/funny cartoons!

The final tipping point was one of my so called friends there who thought it was acceptable to spread the obviously fake Australian Prime Minster speech which said Australia would kick out all the Muslims there which was further compounded by the fact they agreed the sentiments. At this point I really thought hard and quickly do I really want to be associated with a social web site which allows such racist and inflammatory posts.

Then add to this my personal view that Facebook has stopped being what it was originally a social network but a place where businesses hammer adverts down your throat and abuse the data given by users to Facebook in good faith. On top of this it has also become a place of trivialities not helped by the fact Facebook encourages a laziness and apathy of it’s user by it’s very nature.

All this and the attitude of Facebook towards their users and their data finally tipped the balance and my Facebook account was deleted this time without a regret or a look backwards.

This also had one other nice side effect as since I have deleted my Facebook account my mood in general has improved over the week as it seems that Facebook’s very nature and contents had a very negative effect on my mood. This did really surprise me as I had not realised it was having such effect on me!

  1. Abby Costa says:

    I’m glad you found leaving facebook improved your mood as well. Life is better without so much negativity!

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