Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXIX

Posted: 3 February, 2013 in Journal, Life

This morning has not been very productive again once again because my ISP, BT, router is not working as it should on top of which I think they are blocking certain ports remotely. So it is time I sort of had it out with them as they are stopping me doing a number of legal things on the internet which include hosting my web site and streaming music from one of my Linux Boxes. After all I am paying for the service from them and I expect the service from them or I will put in official complaint about them!

All this made worse this morning with someone on who sort of blotted their copy book there with snide remarks which frankly showed a lack of real character and add to this a number of their personal views which I find abhorrent. So in the end they had to be blocked by myself as I really do not have time any more to deal with such a person as life is far too short and not going to bother with them any more!

I never like doing this but it has to be done as I have to take into account my partner who suffered because the person has wound me up online which triggers the obsessive behaviour which is part of my depression and makes life difficult for my partner.


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