Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXVIII

Posted: 2 February, 2013 in Journal, Life

Well I am here again after first week of work after my two weeks off to find not surprisingly nothing has changed there with same negative work politics all caused by those who really do not understand that their actions can effect others. The holiday sort of highlighted the detrimental effect this is having on my depression as during the holiday I was far more relaxed in myself.

I have informed my boss at work that the atmosphere at work is effecting my depression as I need to say something so I can have better chance fighting it again plus once said it will in itself make me feel much better. If it changes anything at work I doubt it other than it gets people really thinking about how they deal with each other.

Both Aisha and Kali, our dogs, have really missed me when I’ve been at work his week which has meant I have had nice welcome from them each time I got home from work. At the moment they are keeping me sane as they relax me after a hard day of work being their usual loveable selves which is much needed. I’ll say it again our dogs make our house a home for us here.

Last week was not all bad as I have started to write for Role-Playing Games for personal use only in so much I am writing a campaigns for both CthulhuTech and Palladium Role-Playing Game which frankly nice to be doing again as it keeps my mind active. Just now keeping it up and not allowing work to stifle my creativity again as it usually does sadly.


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