Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXVII

Posted: 27 January, 2013 in Journal, Life

After yesterdays brief down tomorrow morning because of bad news on BBC News and realization that I was back at work on Monday I woke up in a better mood this morning though it also helps I did not drink last night.

After all there is very little I can do about world around me directly other than survive and other worry of my Bank Account leaking fast I had forgotten that last month was Christmas which is always an expensive time of year and we always relax a little with our spending and end up depressed in January because we have no money.

I have also remembered there are those people out there who will help myself and my partner in our time of need outside of my own family and for no real personal gain just pure friendship. Add to this we both know people who are in a worse position than ourselves and they manage to keep going and keep happy.

All in all life could be worse though as always it could be better.


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