Facebook Turns People into Sheep!

Posted: 25 January, 2013 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

Recently there is a post which is being passed on Facebook which claimed that the Australian PM made a speech claiming she was going to remove all Muslims from Australia and number of other anti-Muslim sentiments. This post has been passed by people, even ones who claim to be intelligent and world wise, as true and it needed to be spread for various reasons.

But if the said people actually questioned and thought about what the post said it would not take much if the Australian PM had actually said those things within the post it would have been splashed all over the World Media currently and it is not. Plus with just one simple google search you can quickly establish it is a fake which is designed to cause trouble for Australian Government and to perpetuate Anti-Muslim sentiments on the Internet.

What this shows it now people now unquestionably believe what is written on Facebook has to be true much as media in general regardless of the fact we all know both from experience and history media can be manipulated by individuals and groups to their own ends with cleverly created stories for their own agendas.

It is not as if these people already know that our media in general has always been manipulated by individuals and groups especially with recent Rupert Murdoch and News Corp here in the United Kingdom which highlighted just how a powerful media corporation tried to manipulate the United Kingdom government.

But people of both United Kingdom and United States now are too lazy and apathetic to question what they are told on the media and seam to live in the glorious illusion what they are told on media especially on the internet. Until people wake up to this fact and start to question what is told them they will be sheep easily manipulated by individuals and groups such posts like Australian PM will continue to be spread on likes of Facebook promoting hate.


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