The New MySpace!

Posted: 23 January, 2013 in Computer, MySpace, World Wide Web

Recently MySpace has gone through a change into a so called social web site which fans can follow their bands but there is a big but on my part as I find it terrible for whole number of reasons. It will mean I will be eventually deleting my MySpace as I dislike it that much.

The first major problem being that on the new MySpace profile none of the user data from my old MySpace profile so in one foul move MySpace has removed all the friends had there. This would have been just a pain but what makes it worse is the selection of bands you can follow there is very poor indeed and limited to the mainstream of music with the token so called indie and alternative rock.

I know this may improve with time but frankly with the other issues I frankly am not going to waste my time with a so called music web site which only so called mainstream music much like I do not bother with Spotify as it frankly does not interest me at all.

Personally I not recommend MySpace to anybody as it now a terrible social web site whose content leaves a lot to be desired. I am of the opinion the change they make is really not going to help MySpace itself if anything make their position as a Social Web site worse!

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