Linux: It’s Hard not to Spread the Word

Posted: 23 January, 2013 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

After changing all my computers to Linux and moving away from using Windows the hardest thing I am finding is not to spread the word just how good Linux is now. I am turning into a Linux bore both in my everyday life and in the virtual world Second Life.

But after years of the lack of choice of what operating systems I could use which meant due to a lack of money I could only use an operating system which needed constant maintenance and fell down at drop of a hat which was Microsoft Windows. My current situation with Linux is such a relief and made using my computers a pleasure not a chore as it used to be.

So it is not surprising I am becoming a Linux bore and want to spread the word as everyone deserves a trouble free computing something they simply do not get with Microsoft Windows especially when I witness at first hand the constant problems poor users have with Windows definitely not their own fault but that of Windows failing to do it’s basic job.

Personally Linux users should far more vocal to other users as I believe none else is going to be especially within the IT Industry itself. So we may end up a group of Linux bores but it is for good cause to get people to wake up to the fact there is a real choice of operating system out there which now includes Linux and it’s derivatives!


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