Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXIV

Posted: 23 January, 2013 in Journal, Life

So far it been a very unsatisfying weeks so far when my mood has been very close to dipping into a down as I’m feeling little trapped in a life which frankly not much fun or stimulating at the moment. But the week is getting better slowly as we are both of us here are having bit of luck the biggest being finding an old laptop which a year ago looked as if it finally given up the ghost now works perfectly fine for some unknown reason but the laptop had to be jerry rigged because incompetent technician who worked for a big company.

My mood is also not helped at the moment by the snowy and cold weather outside which tends to make me constantly tired and lethargic which frankly I don’t find fun. Though outside looks nice especially with the fact I do not have to go to work this week and or dogs are loving it.

At the moment I am hoping the week keeps improving though at the moment both dogs are helping to keep my mood up with their unconditional love and loyalty.


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