Fuduntu: Once More to the Breach my Friends

Posted: 23 January, 2013 in Computer, Fuduntu, Linux, Operating System

While doing the cleaning I tested an old laptop which over a year ago looked like it had died finally though the laptop had gone through a repair from a large retail company who failed to repair it. I found it fired up and worked after a years rest much to myself and my partner surprise. It was one of he more pleasant surprises of this week we did not start off as well as we both expected.

So ceasing the opportunity and taking advantage of the laptop working, though how long it will last is anyone’s guess, and because it uses a Nvidia graphic card I thought I tried loading Fuduntu on it and after the second attempt it worked. The first attempt I had loaded on the incorrect Nvidia graphic driver which meant the machine failed to reboot. My mistake was to use the package Jockey to load the graphic driver rather than using the drivers provided by Fuduntu themselves.

So now once again I have a laptop which runs Fuduntu which frankly I am pleased about as it is one of my favourite Linux to use. Just hoping I do not break it and the laptop again.

A final comment Fuduntu once again showed that the common misconception that Linux is difficult to set up is frankly wrong as it worked out of the box and much like Windows the only major problem being the Graphic Drivers either produced by AMD/ATI and Nvidia who frankly should know better by now!


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