Things Said Jest can be so True!

Posted: 17 January, 2013 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

The following You Tube Clip it may be in jest about Linux compared to Windows but within it, it does make some really serious points about Linux compared to both Apple and Windows. I have posted the clip elsewhere but I thought it needed to be posted on my blog directly because of the good points made within it.

What did come out of the clip very clearly, especially from the speaker itself, is the life, innovation and willingness try things new within the Linux both from it’s creators and users. A spirit which is now paying dividends in the Computer World as Linux is being adopted more by the mainstream of the computer industry to power devices beyond personal computers because of it’s adaptability.

This is in a great contract to both Apple and Microsoft which compared to Linux looked very lacklustre and frankly old fashioned even with new versions of both Apple OS and Microsoft Windows. Both companies now look tired and middle aged even down to the lack of sparkle of the products they now produce which frankly do not fire the public’s imagination any more. If anything their new products are met with a general apathy from the General Public as a whole.

I have said this before which is the computer industry needs Linux more than Linux needs the computer industry itself. After all current big boys of our computer industry world wide are dying on their feet due to a lack innovation, creativity and basic get up and go to produce products which make people go wow!

Just watch the clip and decide for yourself and if anything just enjoy the humour and enthusiasm of the speaker.


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