Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXIII

Posted: 17 January, 2013 in Journal, Life

A second day which we managed to so some Spring Cleaning be for few hours but it was very productive as the Bathroom was finally competed and looks good. Tomorrow it will be the fun of the Kitchen which will be even slower process. I know it sounds boring but at least it is productive and it will make my life better in a small way. It certainly feels more productive than my current job.

I drank last night but unlike what usually happens the next day I was not as grumpy or ill as usual today which highlights the effect my current job is having on both my physical and mental health which is not a good effect. It getting time for me to find a new job sooner than later before my current job damages my health permanently!

I also helps that I am on holiday which is most definitely doing my mood and mental balance world of good though my creativity other than for writing my blog has not returned yet but you cannot have everything.


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