Catalyst Caused the Downfall of Fuduntu Here!

Posted: 17 January, 2013 in Computer, Fuduntu, Linux, Operating System

It was a sad day that I had to stop using of Fuduntu on my laptop all because of an AMD/ATI Catalyst Driver which made Fuduntu unusable on the laptop. But I suspect I am not only one who has had the same problem as it has always been the same problem with AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers of their graphic cards.

It seams that AMD, ATI before them, always have had problems with it’s stability of their Catalyst Graphic drivers between versions to a point some of the versions of the drivers simply will not work on certain machines. This has always made updating of the Catalyst driver, even on Linux computers, a difficult process which sometimes can result in a computer which simply does not work and needs to be reset to a previous state.

This has meant in the past, even on my Windows, computers I tend to only rarely update my AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers and tend to stick with a driver which works. The only time I would change the driver if the computer in question had to be reset completely.

Unfortunately Fuduntu bundled the Catalyst Driver with their Linux so the new AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers with the updates which after such an update managed to kill of my Fuduntu on my laptop in a rather spectacular way.

I know I could stop this update in Fuduntu but when I use a Linux I rather use a Linux which is the most update there is so I get the most out of it and my hardware. So sadly I have stopped using Fuduntu and replaced it with Linux Lite on the said laptop.

But even with the problems with Catalyst Driver, which frankly is something the creators of Fuduntu have no control over, I still highly recommend Fuduntu on the large majority of Computers especially for new users to Linux.


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