A Growing Frustration with Microsoft!

Posted: 17 January, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

It strikes me that even within the IT Industry itself there is a growing frustration with Microsoft especially with it’s last release Windows 8 which has had a very indifferent reception from both users and industry alike. If anything a lot of people have been very disappointed by Windows 8 with a large number of reviewers openly slating Windows 8 even with a number of major gaming companies and hardware manufactures now are seriously looking into alternatives to Microsoft Windows machines.

I think the source of frustration is the fact since Microsoft released Windows xp Microsoft have not produced an operating system which has been a true improvement. I think I am not only one who must of noticed that to run newer Microsoft operating systems you need more basic resources, including ram, just to run them.

Add to this the disaster of Windows Vista and complete breaking of their own rules with Windows 8 I sense there is a real frustration with Microsoft which simply failed to improved their operating system since Windows xp in real terms.

While other major companies move forward with new technologies and ideas Microsoft seams to be in terrible malaise of it’s own making out of which it simply fails to light up the world any more as it did in it’s early days. The evidence of it’s own internal troubles come from the resignations of number of it’s high level executives end of last year along with constant stories coming out of Microsoft about major problems with it’s own internal corporate troubles both of which have muted Microsoft as an innovator and leader in the IT Industry.

Some of us remember when Microsoft was the first real leader and innovator of Personal Computers in so much they created an operating system which made computers accessible to wider range of users. They did help to create the first Personal Computers.

But that is not the Microsoft of today which is more of a Corporate Giant who will keep its domination at any cost including at the expense of it’s innovative nature so now Microsoft is far from a leading light in IT Industry and if anything starting to look very old fashioned and backwards looking.

Personally Microsoft should wake up and strive to regain the life it had in it’s early days because if it does not the growing frustration with Microsoft will turn to people starting to turn away from Microsoft and look for viable alternatives!


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