Freebies will be Death of Second Life Creativity!

Posted: 16 January, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

I think I have said this before but like a lot of things it needs restating this so people take notice again. This is the problem of freebies within Second Life who do have a place there but is a two edged sword in so much the new users expect Freebies now on entering Second Life which at the expense of the Builders and Item Creators there!

This not helped by the Builders and Item Creators who in an effort to get noticed in a virtual market which is flooded with Builders give away freebies in their stores and the myriads of hunts continually going on within Second Life itself are in their desperation are sowing the seeds of their own destruction!

In doing so they have created a culture among the Noobies of Second Life who expect to get things free rather than older residents who know nothing comes free as the money paid for an item keeps the said Builders and Item Creators in business and creating the wonderful things they make. This singular fact has escaped the Noobies who seam to be more interested in getting something for nothing including Second Life itself in so much they will not put in basic effort to interact with other residents there.

In my personal view it is high time some Second Life Builders and Item Creators woke up to the fact that Freebies even hunts are killing themselves off. Though this has not been lost on a growing number of Builders and Item Creators who now actively boycott the Hunts and restrict the access to any Freebies they give away.

It is time that Builders and Item Creators of Second Life, like so already, need to wake up before it is too late beardless how desperate you are to sell items and get noticed by giving Freebies you are cutting your own throats and destroying your business even before it started.

What does not help is the fact Linden Labs have not effective method to allow the Builder and Items Creators within Second Life to advertise as because of their own inaction and ineffective actions surrounding the bot problems effectively made the in-world search ineffective and untrustworthy as few residents now take the result seriously. Not helped by a constant suspicion of old Second Life Residents that the searches are still being manipulated by unscrupulous Residents!

Rather than Linden Lab sitting on the fence allowing this situation continue but do something about it as after all a failure to do so will mean a loss of revenue as people leave because the world lacks the Builders and Item Creators who give the world a life in the first place!

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