A Second Life Evangelist!

Posted: 16 January, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Second Life, Virtual World

I have always been Second Life Evangelist from the first day I stepped into the virtual world itself. Mainly from the start I loved the idea of a virtual world created by the users and it’s potential.

I have also watched over the last 7 years and so Second Life blossom into a full and lively Social Network which touches beyond the virtual world itself from a concept of being a game by it’s creators Linden Labs. I think this part took Linden Labs by surprise but it should not of as I have said before Second Life as a social media is a fantastic concept in itself!

I still think Linden Labs and a large amount noobies within Second Life itself have missed or failed to understand what they have created or found a vibrant and living virtual world full of colour and real communities.

In Linden Labs case I suspect currently they see Second Life as a money spinner rather than the early days a interesting project. This is very sad in a way as Linden Labs have shown recently a reluctance to solve real problems within the world or take any responsibility for my problems there. It is just lucky for Linden Labs there is a hard core of Second Life Residents who make Second Life what it is!

But regardless of this Second Life for me has always been a wonderful place to socialise and meet new people who a lot of have become my friends both Real and Second Life. It has always been a better place to express myself and socialize than any other social media because of it’s immanence when socialising much as real life.

So now I am Second Life Evangelist who will spread the word about Second Life as a social network cannot be beaten because of it’s virtual and real content. It is the future of social interaction over the internet if a bit early for the technology to make it even better but still it is the future!


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