A Little Thought for Others

Posted: 16 January, 2013 in Comment, Life

What amazes me with large majority of people of the global society ours seam to show real little thought for others by their actions, statements and opinions. All they think about are themselves first to a point everyone else can go to hell as long as they get what they want!

May be I am wrong but from my observations of various social networks, especially major ones, people have been very self-centred about the remarks they make and take little time to actually think about what they are saying there.

Then when whey actually upset someone with their remarks they will not show the upset person the respect and actually have the balls to say sorry but throw a whole barrage of insults and derogatory remarks in their direction. What makes this worse is the fact they think this is perfectly acceptable behaviour of a so called grown up adult.

As I have remarked before the large majority of people in our global society have forgotten the basics of social interaction believing what they say on a social network has no real effect on other people regardless of the fact the media is full of stories which illustrate the power of the said social networks to actually change the world.

It does not take much thought to actually think what you are writing on the Social Networks as after all everyone does it automatically everyday in our social interactions face to face during which the large majority of we do with a thought about the other persons feelings and reactions. Even those times we want a negative reaction from someone in these interactions we put some thought into what we are saying.

So why cannot people do the same on a social network as after all you are still interacting with people be it via a computer interface people cannot put in the same thought?


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