A Linux Evangelist!

Posted: 12 January, 2013 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

I have become a Linux Evangelist recently as because like a growing number of the more serious of computers and gamers I have got more disillusioned by Microsoft and Windows in general. Plus on top of this it is high time users like myself started to speak out against those users too afraid or blinkered to look beyond Windows itself!

Users like myself remember Microsoft’s Windows xp with fond memories as it was a Windows Operating System which actually worked and it was relatively stable to use though you still had to constantly maintain it. It’s only real major flaw being it got more slower and crotchety the longer it was used on a Computer but other than that it was wonderful to use.

But since Windows XP users like myself have become disillusioned with Microsoft in general as the later versions of Windows after xp have been a big disappointment even Windows 7 and 8. I think that everyone agrees Windows Vista was a mistake so anything after it would look good but Windows 7 was not much of improvement over xp contrary to what Microsoft claimed. It has not gone unnoticed by users like myself that Windows 7 even Windows 8 are very resource heavy to a point of almost being ridiculous. The requirement that you need 4 times amount of RAM to run Windows 7 than Windows xp has not gone unnoticed!

Those of us who have finally took the plunge and started to use Linux seriously have found it a lot more rewarding and as easy to use and stable as Microsoft’s Windows xp without the constant maintenance or growing slower with age. Once again using computers has become the pleasure to as it should be as it was with Windows xp and not a constant battle with computer with later versions of Windows!

Add to this a fact contrary to what is said Linux has a full range of Open Source Software which is very usable does same job as the commercial equivalents and it is fully compatible with all existing software out there.

Then there is the major thing about Linux and Open Source Software it is free uses less hardware resources so it is more cost effective for those of us who do not have a lot of money though those with more money can spend money on other things rather than paying for overpriced commercial software.

So now I have taken the plunge into Linux on all my computers home and finding my whole experience around computers has improved ten fold, I have to spread the word of Linux to others much like a Linux Evangelist!!!!

  1. anthonyvenable110 says:

    I so agree with what you have to say about this. I have noticed with much interest that Windows 7 is indeed way harder on RAM than Windows XP was. In fact I still maintain an XP box for those old games that I love so much that gave me trouble in 7. One thing I am grateful for is that I came to learn about Linux a few years ago and thanks to W7 dying on my laptop back in spring of 2012, I was forced to work exclusively in Ubuntu. That was a blast! What is your distro of choice or do you have several?

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