A Fine Line to Tread!

Posted: 12 January, 2013 in Comment, Life, Society

What is coming out of the United States with the controversy of Guns after the series of shootings last year and continuing problems with guns they are having there with yet another story about a school teacher stopping a potential shooting at yet another school in United States that there is a fine line you have to tread with guns and their control.

Any sensible person in any society knows that weapons and society do not mix be it guns, knives and the such and know weapons always lead to violence even outside of the criminal fraternity!

So as a society they put in place controls on the weapons both legally and as a society as a whole in so much society as a whole demeans it unacceptable to carry such weapons. Those who break this rule are punished by the legal system with the full support of society has a whole.

In these societies weapon control works because society as a whole backs it, though like anything it is not fool proof but certainly reduces the effect of the weapons on society in general.

But when a society, as in United States, who are unwilling to give up the weapons to a point of justifying the carrying of the weapons they have crossed a fine line which weapon control is simply not going to work mainly because they accept the presence of weapons in their society.

They may make the right noises when innocents are killed using weapons within their society but they are unwilling to remove the cause because they are unwilling to give up the weapon which did the killings.

If as a society is unwilling to get rid of these weapons as a whole they are going to have to accept that such killings are going to happen. It is hard thing to say but history bares this out time and time again!


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