Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLX

Posted: 10 January, 2013 in Journal, Life

As the week has gone on it has got better though tad colder outside which could to do with it is winter. All this has brought on a better mood in myself though it does help I am one day from a much needed 2 week holiday after a busy Christmas and New Year at work.

Sadly due to a lack of money I will be going nowhere but staying at home but it will give me a chance to sort out a number of things long overdue and to start the needed Spring Clean of the house.

Add to this I need a real rest away from work, retail and people in general so I can level my mood and get my head back together enough to cope with my depression again. Plus I need to spend some quality time with my partner and dogs was over Christmas and New Year work had taken over my life as per usual.

So all in all I am currently looking forward to my 2 weeks holiday and the rest they will bring!


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