The Invisible Operating System

Posted: 3 January, 2013 in Computer, Operating System

I know I have said this before but it is worth reiterating that Linux and it’s close variants including Apple OS as operating systems fade into the background when someone uses a computer over a period of time.

This is exactly what an operating system should do is became invisible so the user can concentrate on actually using the computer rather than wasting valuable time constantly maintaining the operating system which should be better done in the background or not at all if the operating system was correctly created in the first place.

All that happens when an operating system needs constant maintenance because it is unstable and prone to bugs is the user gets a very frustrating and stressful time using the computer so in the end gets less time to be productive in the end. It in the end makes using the computer a chore and not a pleasure as it should be after all a tool should make your life easier not harder!

In a commercial environment the stability and low maintenance of an operating system becomes more important as companies do not want to lose money because their computers are down for maintenance or simply because the operating system simply failed because of a bug.

But this singular fact seams to escape most users both in the domestic and commercial sides of computer users who have been blinded by the major corporations and retailers to believing that this was the normal state of affairs with operating systems.

But as I have said things do not have to be this way as far as computers are concerned as I have said before if someone is prepared to be different and take the plunge into either the Apple OS or Linux worlds will find computing not the chore it has become but fun and productive again.

I know in the case of Linux it is lot of initial work and steep learning curve to set up a Linux Computer and in the case of Apple OS expensive but in both cases it is worth the effort as in the end as a user it will be in the end rewarding and less stressful!

As a final point I should make is that Microsoft themselves have blatantly mislead even lied to both domestic and commercial users about Apple OS and Linux claiming that both operating systems are not a versatile, easy to use and lack the range of software which Microsoft can provide the user. The truth is both Apple OS and Linux are now very versatile, easy to use and if anything have a wider range of software available most of which are far more functional than the software Microsoft provides it’s users.

In conclusion an operating system should be invisible to the user once set up not the most important thing on the computer as Microsoft would like us to think as an operating system is just a frame work which allows the user to use the computer!

Note: Apple OS and Linux here are only used as examples of such operating systems here and I would like to point out there are other operating systems out there.


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