Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLVIII

Posted: 3 January, 2013 in Journal, Life

It is the second day of resting and recuperating from a cold which has knocked me to six and a time of year which really tries my depression to it’s breaking point. I know I must do it but now I am getting bored of the cold and the constant feeling tired because of my depression.

I know I should kick start my life but I am constantly tired and unfocused on things to a point I never seem to get anything done so in the end I feel trapped in a life which I could change if I wanted!

So now it is finding a way to kick myself out of this self imposed lethargy which I know exists as I can write blog entries here, though not best quality at the moment, which indicates the old brain is still working and sharp as ever.

I need to more focus and propose in my life and to get away from a job and people around me who are suppressing my imagination, enthusiasm and even creativity. A large majority of these people do not know they are doing it but some are deliberately do it to suppress me because they fear the fact that I am strong enough to be an individual and different!

Time I think to lean and listen to my partner and swallow my pride and ask someone for help to change my life and job.


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