Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLVII

Posted: 2 January, 2013 in Journal, Life

Today I called in sick at work mainly because the cold like illness had taken it’s toll on me to a point this morning I could not of been able to drive a car s I was too light headed. On top of this my partner gave me no real choice but rest today go so far as to hide all the car keys so I could not of gone to work if I wanted too!

But in the end it has been the right thing to do as the management at work would not allowed me the much needed rest to recover form the cold which should of only lasted two days and been mild at best. I blame the managerial culture at work who use guilt to force people into work when they are ill which in my case made the cold last much longer and be worse than it should have been.

Further to this I have to remember I am not in my 20s to 30s any more but coming up to my 50s when I really cannot ignore such colds or push myself as I am getting to an age when such small illnesses could quickly escalate into major illnesses plus it does worry my partner greatly if I do my usual tough self and try to shrug off such illnesses!

One good thing about today the rest has worked and I think I have both beaten the cold and down mood I have been suffering after working over Christmas and the New Year.

On top of this I managed to get the on-line game Guildwars to work in wine on my Linux Lite laptop so the day was not a total loss in the end.


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