Time has Passed for the Big Boys of Social Web Sites!

Posted: 1 January, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Social Web Sites

It seams to me the time has passed for the big boys of the social web sites as they have become too big, too impersonal and they have lost their direction/propose of actually being social web sites. All made worse by a general attitude of self importance on their part and a general disrespect of their users including their privacy the honeymoon of the big boys of the social web sites as far as the users is now over.

They may be the biggest social networks in the world but there is a growing discontent among their own users over their privacy and the constant changes to both the web sites themselves and terms of service without direct consultation of their own users. These actions are alienating their users from the social web sites themselves as the said users feel less in control or have no input into the social web site itself something really needed for a social web site to work effectively and to grow.

But rather than the big boys of the social web site actually addressing these issues directly or even to start a direct discussion with their users they continue to ignore their users and try to woe the users with brand new features which frankly do not solve the underlying issues and muddy the waters even more.

But as I said the big boys of the social web sites are so self assured that they have failed to see the warning signs of their own demise even to a point ignoring in a smoke screen of media hype saying all is good and there are no problems. It is a sad fact the large majority of users actually believe this hype and continue to use the said social web sites.

My personal view the big boys of the social web sites are on their way out as people discover other more productive and personal ways to communicate with people over the internet some of which already exist, through smaller social new works, for example True-Friends.org, and even more vibrant and creative virtual worlds, for example Second Life.

Who do I mean by the big boys of the social web sites?

Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and MySpace

All of which have singularly failed to listen to their users concerns about them and they are resting on their laurels rather than moving forward!


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