Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLIII

Posted: 28 December, 2012 in Journal, Life

Remarkably Christmas has been the most stress free for myself even at work which if anything has been more boring than stressful. Though I still have my moments of stress at work but now they are fewer and most definitely shorter. It helps that I am getting myself into the state of mind that work is an ends to a means and really does not define myself and my life.

I am not not job but the job is something I do to earn money!

This attitude is a far better for my mental health and stress levels in general even for those around me who are coping with Christmas as well as I am at the moment.

Only sad thing about Christmas is as always an over commercialization by the various major retail companies world wide who have destroyed the real magic of Christmas with their greed and single minded push for profits. I know what the owners of these companies will say in their defence is that making profit is everything and I have to ask at what cost to a magical time of year?

At least I got a lovely Christmas Day with my family and friends which did involve a lot of eating which exactly what Christmas means to me.


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