Living with Linux!

Posted: 22 December, 2012 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

After using over a year of exclusively using Linux on my three computers at home mainly because I had grown tired with the fact that the Microsoft Windows Operating system on all three computers were constantly playing up and needed almost constant maintenance to keep them just working!

When I finally took the plunge and replaced Microsoft Windows with one of the Linux distributions I have not looked back as after the initial set up problems I have enjoyed around a year of stable and happy computing which I never enjoyed with Windows. Now I have three very stable Computers which now require little to no maintenance and rarely crash.

If anything because of the stability of Linux and no real need for maintenance I am finding myself at a lose end as far as the computers are concerned.

But what has come out from the whole experience of changing from Windows to Linux it is a worthwhile exercise which has a lot of work at the start setting up the Linux but once it’s set up nothing more needs to be done other than regularly checking for updates. This is exactly what an Operating System should be running in the background almost forgotten by the user.

Personally I would recommend other people to do the same as in the end it both brings back the fun into computing during the setting up of the Linux followed by a hassle free experience using the computer after the set up something Microsoft’s Windows operating system has never given the user!


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