Spam on the Phone!

Posted: 15 December, 2012 in Comment, Computer

It seems we have new annoyance on the telephone those Indian Call Centres who are propagating a wide spread scam which has ripped off hundreds of the more innocent Computer Users here in the United Kingdom.

As a background the scam works as follows an Indian calls claiming to be from Microsoft saying you have a virus on your computer and they can remove it sometime for a charge. Then if the person actually lets them on their computer remotely the Indian in question will load malicious software on to the persons computer which most of the time was not infected in the first place. This then is only the tip of the iceberg for the person in question as afterwards their bank accounts and so on start to lose money.

The scam only works on those people who use computers but have no real understanding of computers which sadly is large majority of computer users here in United Kingdom and it must be working well with the sudden increase of such calls here.

Where I work we now have to deal with the fall out from such calls from worried customers to those who have allowed these people on to their computers and it is getting more common now. In my case in the last month we have had two calls from two such companies who have been told to go away in less than pleasant ways.

The question we have to ask here in the United Kingdom is what are the authorities doing about the scam as by now they should be aware it is occurring considering the amount of complaints they must get from the people who have fell for them.

The answer is simple is absolutely nothing this being both the Police and the Government itself who seem powerless or unwilling to face up to the problem to a point of simply ignoring it in the hope it will go away.

I have news for them the problem is not going away, if you keep doing nothing about it in the end you will have face the angry victims of these scams and explain why you did nothing!


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