Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCL

Posted: 13 December, 2012 in Journal, Life

Yet another cold day here which as always makes me feel down especially when it aggravates my ache and pains but at least work is not the biggest problem at the moment just usual unwanted bills before Christmas itself.

All I can say about work is because of their desperation to get sales and hit targets that come the New Year they will be paying the price. Myself I will just smile and remember the Law of Karma they pay the price for their actions.

But at least our General Manager has the right idea about doing the job in so much he throws himself in it and actually believes in real customer service so not all bad at work.

Only thing which does depresses this year are short days which are making feel lethargic and only things I do is sleep, eat and work. This always makes life a chore this time of year especially with Christmas in the middle.


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