Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXLVII

Posted: 1 December, 2012 in Journal, Life

After all the problems of the past month this week has been a peaceful week both at work and home with only blot on the landscape being an unwanted bill before Christmas on a bank account which it not as full as I would of liked it before Christmas itself.

In the end it has looked as people finally figured out it is better to leave people to do their work without fussing over them or watching them all the time so work has been peaceful and very productive. Though I suspect more the Manager and Supervisor in question have real problems elsewhere with others at work who are very happy to stand around, do nothing or really do not care any more for various reasons.

So this weekend I have the rare feeling of calm and contentment enjoying my own company and peace of my life. A nice break in the dark moods of the last week so gives me a real chance to rest and recuperate which is much needed.


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