Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXLIV

Posted: 17 November, 2012 in Journal, Life

This week will be noted for being a week of the same old, same old with nothing actually changing especially at work. In the end this weekend I feel tired and very stressed to a point I feel physically ill and fighting my demon again.

In the end I feel tired, bored and deflated wondering why I even bother at work in general as those around me certainly do not care about work or those around them. The only thing they care about are themselves, their comfort, their egos and everyone else can go to hell to point they effect the people around them in a very negative way!

This for someone like myself who has to constantly fight his depression is a living hell as it constantly aggravates it as part of the depression we take on too much of what is going on around us and care little more than most people. Add to this our habit of making a mountain out of a molehill you can imagine just what life can be like for myself!

But I am expecting far too much of those around me who are far too self centered and selfish to know the damage they do to others but in the end they will as always pay the price with life full of broken relationships, fake friendships and lives which lack real colour or content.

So this weekend is back to fighting my depression again and remembering that I am myself not the person they think I am. Trying hard to fan the spark of my imagination and creativity left inside me so I can start to live again before I sink into the gray of the world around me again!


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