Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXLIII

Posted: 11 November, 2012 in Journal, Life

I have been very glad that last week is over as it has been extremely frustrating week in so much it has been marded by those who have gone back to not doing their jobs but reverting back to the old ways of doing things. All made worse by the fact the two people in question are far younger than myself hence should be far more flexible than myself who after all is far more older and supposingly more set in his ways.

But I think the problem is that I expect people to have the same intelligence and high standards I have which frankly is a unrealistic view on my part. This results in myself getting very frustrated and angry at those around me.

It sounds like I am being arrogant but from what other people tell me, I tend not to believe them, I am very ntelligent though not always smart and this is from people who have nothing to gain from flattering me.

But, as always a but, even if someone is not as intelligent as I think they should be, it does not give them the excuse to be lazy or lack the ability to be flexiable or professional. This all made worse by the fact they do things not because they need to be done but do selected things to look good in front of upper management which I find extremely unprofessional and counter productive. What it basically means things which need to be done do not get done!

I have to admit this is something I have always encountered my whole working career and frankly the less pleasant side of working for someone else. It has always been the same middle management trying hard to impress upper management at the cost of everyone else, their own integrity and their own professionalism which always ends the same way with them being used or ignored by the upper management. But they always try never learning from their own mistakes!

So this morning I sit comtiplating the world drinking tea, keeping warm and observing the world through small screen of my laptop.


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