Dogs: Sanity in a Mad World!

Posted: 11 November, 2012 in Comment, Dogs, Life

When things in my life get difficult for me the one thing which keeps me sane and relaxes me are our dogs here who give you love and attention without any conditions just plain simple love and loyalty. Also helps I expect nothing from them other than be themselves dogs.

After a hard days work there is nothing nicer than the welcome I always get when I get home from our two dogs which always makes you feel so welcome in your own home. The troubles of the day start to melt away though sadly not all.

They make nice companions in the house and make our home what it is a nice place to live and escape the world outside. They always know when you feel down or upset and try their hardest to comfort you or make you smile which does not always work but at least they try.

Even with problems and heart ache they bring I’d miss the dogs if they were not here.


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