Linux Puts the Fun and Skill Back into Computing

Posted: 4 November, 2012 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

One thing Linux does do is to put the fun and skill back into Computing which sadly has been removed both by Apple and Microsoft who in their efforts to make computing easier took away hands on approach needed to keep people interested in computers.

I know this would of only effected those of us who develop software and hardware but this lack of hands I believe has been very detrimental to this development as the current front ends of computers has stopped potential developers exploring the computing environment and made them lax and lazy.

But for computing to develop these new and potential developers need this access to inspire and fire their curiosity so new things can be developed. It has not gone unnoticed by myself and others that the computer world currently is lacking a real spark and new products.

All we seam to get now are the same types of products in batches currently touch screen tablets as if the whole computer industry follows each other like sheep rather than than producing something new and exciting.

This has not gone unnoticed by the academics in Cambridge who have produced the Raspberry Pi computer in the effort to encourage children to gain a much needed hands on experience of computers down to the command and programming level. Though it has worked even better than they expected in so much a lot of people have also brought the Raspberry Pi so they can mess around once again with a computer. When I have the money I will do the same.

I think what has got lost with modern computing and modern users, who are far too lazy or scared, is the fact that working and messing around computers is a very hands on experience which Linux brings back. Then add to this more control over the working environment and software used Linux brings back the much needed fun and skills required in the computing world currently.

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