Life is Too Short!

Posted: 30 October, 2012 in Comment, Life

Today I have finally got fed up of those people who constantly preach at you, call you stupid and generally offensive because you disagree, chose ignore or simply not listen to their opinions.

I am talking those extreme political animals called the normal everyday person with very strong political opinions of both extreme Right and Left Wing leanings who hold on to them come what may which in itself is not always a bad thing.

But when they are so intransigent and focused to a point they ram it down everyone’s throat their political views and constantly preach and preach their views regardless of the fact some people do not want to listen or interested in their views. Add to this mix that they get upset with anyone who dares to disagree with their views, poke fun at their views or try to lighten up their conversations. All they in succeed doing is annoying all around them to a point they will get ignored and ostracised by some around them.

Personally my life is far too short to deal with these people any more as I have better things to do and more enlightened people to find than deal with such people as they frankly waste my valuable time.

Finally I would like to point out I do have time for people with more extreme politics but as long as they are big enough to accept that I will disagree with them and argue/discuss in both more adult and humorous way.

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  1. icingandcake says:

    Honestly couldn’t agree with you more. This life is far too short to waste on being angry and abnoxious. When people aren’t strong enough to accept that their opinion is just exactly that, an OPINION, then they aren’t worth the effort really. In the end it is their loss, no opinion is so important that it takes over our duty as people to respect each other and treat each other with dignity and kindness.

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